Be who you are!!!!!!

Always be who you are, it doesn't matter if you are "cool" or not but everyone has a place in this world and the sooner you find out where that place is the better off you will be! So be who you are and never be ashamed... Because as soon as you get down on your self you are just going to get kicked around. Keep your head up and be happy. Be who ever you are!

Friday, July 16, 2010


This post is about one of my other guy freinds his name is Aodan!
Aodan's funny! just funny and a great friend!!! He is always making me laugh and sometimes even making me tear up. He always cheers me up and even somtimes when i am to hiper or crazy he calms me down! I am soooooooo glad that he is staying at the village school!!! When i am sad or need help Aodan is always there for me to talk to or to just hang out with...I remember last year i was not felling like haning out with my friends and so i asked Aodan if he would hang out with me, of course he said yes because he is awesome and we just hung out! I really like being around him... There is this little saying that he has that is for when i am mad or sad he says "turn that frown upside down whear a smile for a while." i always pretend that is has no affect on me but it really does and sometimes it makes me smile but mostly it just cheers me up. So Aodan if you ever read this thanks for everything you do for me i really apprecate you are a great person and a great friend!!!

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