Be who you are!!!!!!

Always be who you are, it doesn't matter if you are "cool" or not but everyone has a place in this world and the sooner you find out where that place is the better off you will be! So be who you are and never be ashamed... Because as soon as you get down on your self you are just going to get kicked around. Keep your head up and be happy. Be who ever you are!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Best Friend Lucy

Lucy is awesome!
She is pretty much my best friend...I always feel myself and I am very comfortable around her! She is not always a positive friend but who would want to be totally positive all the time...At least I don't! so Lucy id just the perfect friend for me!
I love her always because she is the tough love kind of friend...Like for instanse if the guy i like doesn't like me or if he is dating someone else, she always responds with a "Thats okay you don't need guys anyway." It never fails to make me smile!
I never want to lose her as a friend...That would be like losing a sister!
She has a good spirt and very good intentions, she does everything with me. She never wants to be mean and we have only gotten in like one fight. Probably an all time record HIGH! Which I am sure everyone wants a high like that!
I have promised her that when I get married she can be my maid of honor! Because that is how much I love her! It sounds kind of stupid but it is like a connection kind of a thing.
If all my friends were like brothers or sisters she would be the golden one! (the best one)!
She never fails to be the best friend ever! NO matter if I call her at 1:00 am with a boy problem or if she call me whenever! I love her sooooo much and I will never let her go!
She is like the shoe laces to my shoes! Okay wait no because some people don't wear their laces on their shoes. She is like the music to my ipod. I don't know she is just the best.