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Always be who you are, it doesn't matter if you are "cool" or not but everyone has a place in this world and the sooner you find out where that place is the better off you will be! So be who you are and never be ashamed... Because as soon as you get down on your self you are just going to get kicked around. Keep your head up and be happy. Be who ever you are!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Eugene Lightning Softball

I can't believe that the softball season is already over. It has only been over for one weekend and I already miss it with all my heart!

But the softball season it self was amazing and awesome! I had a great time and I am for sure looking forward to next years season. Which is not so far away if you think about it!

Softball is a funny thing. The point of the game is not how well the individual does but whether or not the team wins. The beautiful part of the game, is the blending of personalities, the mutual sacrifices for group success. Even when you have played the game of your life, its the feeling of team work that you will remember. You'll forget the plays, the hits, and the scores, but you will never forget your teammates.

But thats what I love about it. Besides the constant adrenalin rush, the sweat, blood, and tears the best thing about softball is the teammates and friends that you make during the season, the people you are forced to be with during the worst parts of the game. The parts of the game when you wish people would just leave you the heck alone, but they don't and they won't because as crazy as it sounds they are the only people that help you go through the worst parts of the game and the season. They will always be there when you fall on the field, when you lose confidence in your self, they will always be there for you so you better be there for them.

This past season I played on the Eugene Lightning team where I made many friends that I will always keep. We were all close and for the most part got along like no other team that I have ever played on. We had fun, worked hard and tried our hardest no matter what! We even got a little sick of each other... We strove for success and we helped each other out when the time was needed! We did everything we could to have a great season and I think that everybody had fun!


Thank you very much for playing with me this year and giving me a great and enjoyable season!
I really had fun!
Lightning I think that we all got better as players, people, and a team... I hope that you all have fun wherever you go next year, just know that I really loved playing with you and I think that this team was the best I have played on so far!

You guys deserve everyone of those trophy's that we won this year and I think that you all should give your selfs a pat on the back for that outstanding season!

I also want to thank;
Marcus (my dad)
For all the hard work they put in while coaching! I know that this was an experimental year but from my perspective it went wonderful. You coaches were the best that I ever could have had the pleasure of playing for and I thank you for everything you guys did to make me a better player and person.

Enjoy these pictures of the season highlights;

Great job to everyone and I hope you keep up the great work. You guys were so much fun to play with and I hope that I will see you all soon!